About Us

From the advent of flexographic printing and Anilox Roll manufacturing, Harper Corporation of America has earned the distinction of being the first, the best, and the global leader in new anilox roll products and technologies. We offer more than our word. Every claim Harper makes about our products, services and support is backed by the best warranty in the industry. No one in the world has manufactured ceramic anilox rolls longer than Harper Corporation. We pioneered the successful use of industrial plasma flame-spraying technology. We expanded the boundaries of print quality, performance and consistency with our laser engraving geometry and digital measurement technology. We revolutionized surface technologies including plasma ceramic, XLT™, XVR™, XDW™ and XDI™. Each anilox and gravure roll we manufacture—whether corrugated, wide web, narrow web and newspaper flexographic—has been engineered to deliver custom results that match the job at hand and outperform the competition.